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Minvera Education and Development Foundation


OUR VISION | Passing on Our Passion for Philanthropy                                      OUR MISSION | Promoting Education and Economic Development

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Our Purpose

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The Minerva Education and Development Foundation (MEDF) exists to improve the quality of life in metropolitan Detroit by supporting and initiating educational and economic development programs that foster community growth.

Our Mission: Promoting Education and Economic Development

MEDF was established as a charitable entity in 1992 and was chartered as a 501(c)(3) organization to:
• Provide intergenerational community services that promote the health and well-being of the community.
• Develop and implement educational programs for children and adults.
• Raise and distribute funds for scholarships.
• Receive and administer charitable funds to area organizations and individuals for needed services.

Our Vision: The Start of a New Tradition

There is a rich tradition of donating and volunteering in metropolitan Detroit. MEDF wants to secure the future by setting aside, or endowing, resources today. We believe that our primary responsibility is to pass on our enthusiasm, resources, and commitment to community service to future generations.

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